Selle Italia SLC Gel Flow Saddle


Don’t let this saddle’s slick looks distract you. Lightweight and spec’d to impress, this pro-level saddle will amaze you with its incredible comfort!

  • 30% carbon composite shell is anatomically designed for a perfect fit while offering a premium, vibration damping ride
  • Selle Italia’s special cut-out begins at the back of the saddle, allowing the right and left sides to move independently from each other - this mimics the natural pedaling motion while allowing more flex on the saddle and around the sit bones
  • Silicone gel inserts with differentiated thickness are strategically placed around the anatomical cut out to improve comfort and relieve pressure in the frontal soft tissue area
  • Perfect Fit padding adheres to your body for additional support
  • Breathable, full-grain leather cover
  • Vanox tubular rails with carbon wrapping deliver smooth and lightweight performance
Brand Selle
Material Carbon
Eco No
Brand Selle
Volume 0
Weight 0
Height 0
Width 0
Depth 0
Eco No
Material Carbon
Category Gran Turismo
Dimensions 135x262 mm
Frame Manganese Tube Ø7 mm
Weight 270 g
Brand Selle
Type of products Components

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