Mavic Crossmax ST Disc Wheelset


High strength and low inertia come together to give you the perfect wheels for epic rides on technical trails

  • Maxtal ISM lightened with SUP welded rims for serious weight reduction, less vibration and fewer flats over rough terrain
  • Fore technology adds greater rigidity and stiffness to the rims for those times when you’re going all out!
  • FTS-X cassette body with strengthened prawls and self-locking axle end screws are designed to meet the demands of hard wearing, MTB riding
  • QRM sealed cartridge bearings produce low friction and are easy to maintain
  • 24 Zicral, straight pull spokes reduce tension cycles, balance spokes tensions from side to side, reduce material fatigue and improve wheel endurance
  • Shimano 8/9-speed compatible
  • Compatible with UST and standard tires/tubes
Brand Mavic
Type Weight reduction
Eco No
Brand Mavic
Volume 0
Weight 0
Height 0
Width 0
Depth 0
Eco No
Rim height 36 mm
Rim type Unknown
Weight 1970 gram (915 g. front and 1055 g. back)
Weight with the tires and hoses 2680 grams Fits Shimano and Sram 9, 10 and 11 gear
Brand Mavic
Type of products Components

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