Crank Brothers Acid 2 Pedal


A high that’ll last as long as you ride! The Acid 2 pedal fills the gap between the cross-country Candy and the downhill Mallet to give you the perfect fix for enduro and gravity racing. Now designed with magnesium and carbon for a nearly “weightless” cycling experience!

  • Utilizes the same proven retention system from the infamous Eggbeater pedal with a larger, more robust platform design for greater stability and increased power transfer
  • Magnesium/carbon fiber body with chromoly steel spindle and stamped steel wings give you an exceptionally lightweight and vibration damping ride while maintaining strength for technical descents and hard landings
  • 2-sided pedal surface offers firm support for your foot over rough terrain
  • 4-sided entry gives you quick, no-hassle engagement and release while remaining impervious to dirt and mud
Brand Crank Brothers
Eco No
Brand Crank Brothers
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Weight 0
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Eco No
Brand Crank Brothers
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